Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I register for the site?

Email website@berrywood.org to request a code if you do not have one. Please tell us: your name, whether you are a resident or non-resident and code level (just BCA, BCA & Marina, individual swim member, individual swim and tennis member, family swim only, family swim and tennis, or bond maintenance) 


See the document below for instructions on how to register: 


How to Register for Berrywood.org


You can also watch a quick instructional video:

Instructional Video - Registering for berrywood.org


2. Why should I use this website? We already have NextDoor.
This website will provide us with a more robust and secure infrastructure to provide the community with important resources, information and collaboration. In Phase I, we will still rely on NextDoor for real time communications, but we hope to fully transition to berrywood.org by the end of the year.


3. Why are there phases?
Developing a website takes a lot of work!! BCA and BSTC members are community volunteers, often will full time day jobs, the Phased approach allows volunteers the time needed to complete the website while ensuring that we are rolling out new processes gradually for neighborhood adoption. 
Phase I- information & registration; Phase II (Sept 2018)- reservation; Phase III (dec 2018)- payment systems


4. Will all calendar events be on the public calendar link?
No. General Berrywood information will be contained on this calendar. More specific neighborhood information and details can be found under “Upcoming Events” in the Residents and Members Section


5. Will we be able to post information on this site?
Not in Phase I. We will still need to use Nextdoor for active communications such as “green tips” and crime alerts. We will include the ability to interact in Phase II (tent. September 2018)



6. How can I post something to the community calendar?
In order to add something to the community calendar or Upcoming events, you must send an email with the information to website@berrywood.org.
In phase II, you will be able to post to the calendar.


7. Why are there different membership levels?
The membership levels will be used in the future for invoicing, therefore, it is important to set up the correct structure now.
8. I have reset my password, but I am having trouble using the new password to log on.
Close your internet browser and reopen it. Try putting your username and password back into the correct fields.