Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for the site?

BCA Members may register for our site here

How can I communicate an event to the Berrywood Community?
If you are a BCA Member, you can:

How can I manage my Directory listing?

I'm having issues logging in.
  • Verify you are an active BCA Member in good standing
  • Have you forgotten your Username or Password?
  • Try closing and re-opening your browser
  • Press Shift + F5 to 'hard refresh' the page
  • If you no longer have access to your email account, or are still having issues, please contact us for assistance

I checked 'Remember Me' when logging in, but the site doesn't actually remember me.
When you are logging in, you can check the 'Remember Me' box so that the next time you log in, you won't have to enter your username. However, this relies solely on your browser settings. If this is not working for you, then you will need to review and update your browser settings. Here are some settings to check out:
  • Open your cookie settings:
    • Chrome: Enter chrome://settings/cookies in your address bar
    • Edge: Enter edge://settings/content/cookies in your address bar
    • Safari: Safari menu > Settings > Privacy
  • Check to ensure cookies are not cleared when you quit your browser.
  • Check to ensure berrywood.org is not listed under the 'Clear on exit' section
  • Try clearing your cookies, then logging in again (make sure to check the 'Remember Me' box again)
  • Update your browser

I'm not receiving Berrywood emails.
  • Verify you are an active BCA Member in good standing
  • Check your Profile to ensure:
    • you have subscribed to emails you wish to receive
    • you have not unsubscribed from all emails
  • Check your Spam/Junk Mail folder

I am moving to Berrywood.  How can I join the Berrywood Community Association?
  • To join the BCA, contact us here.
  • Membership is voluntary. However, current membership is required in order to join the BS&TC (Swim and Tennis Club), use the Marina, attend Berrywood events, or use the community amenities.
  • Payment options:
    • Online
    • Check payable to Berrywood Community Association, mailed to PO Box 444, Severna Park MD 21146
  • Dues are paid annually in February, and are pro-rated for those moving in after that. The current annual dues are $240, and are prorated as follows:
    Move-In Month   Dues  
    Prior to February $ 240
    February $ 240
    March $ 220
    April $ 200
    May $ 180
    June $ 160
    July $ 140
    August $ 120
    September $ 100
    October $ 80
    November $ 60
    December $ 40
    January $ 20

How can I join the Berrywood Swim and Tennis Club?
  • Residents of Berrywood
    • To join the BS&TC as a resident of Berrywood, you must be an active BCA Member in good standing. This means your dues are paid and you do not have any active Deed Restriction issues or violations.
  • Non-Residents
    • If you are not a resident of Berrywood, you will need a bondholder sponsor.  Non-resident membership is limited.
  • You can contact the BS&TC regarding membership here.

I am a Title Company/Real Estate Agent/Home Buyer/Home Seller and need information on Deed Restrictions/Dues/Financial Settlement.
  • Deed Restrictions can be found in the About Berrywood menu above.
  • Membership information and dues are outlined in the question above, as well as in the BCA By-Laws. To view the BCA By-Laws, you can find them in the About Berrywood menu above.
  • As membership is voluntary, the BCA and any dues paid/charged are not involved in financial settlement. The BCA is unable to provide statements or complete settlement forms/paperwork.
  • If a BS&TC Bond is involved with the purchase or sale of the home, please contact the BS&TC here for details on transferring the bond.

Are plat maps of Berrywood available? Is my house part of Berrywood?
The following plat maps were provided by Anne Arundel County. These should be used for general reference only. Please consult with a licensed surveyor and appropriate county offices for more official/legal needs.
  • Plat I (Baltimore/Annapolis, Berrywood, Evitt, Stonehouse, Marina 1, Recreation Area)
  • Plat II (Berrywood, Hartman, Harwin, Lower Magothy Beach, Marba, Stonehouse, Webal)
  • Plat III (Berrywood, Franwill, Hartman, Harwin, Lynell, Marba, Newberry)
  • Plat IV (Berrywood, Maureen, Steven, Topeg, Marina 2, Pool/Clubhouse, Recreation Area)
While some of our neighboring communities may have the Berrywood name in common (such as Berrywood South, Berrywood West, Berrywood Acres, and Berrywood Ridge), each of these communities is independent and are not affiliated with Berrywood or the Berrywood Community Association.

Street/Parking issues and Streetlight issues
The streets in Berrywood are county streets, and are not managed by Berrywood.  Issues on the street (such as potholes) or parking issues should be reported to Anne Arundel County.  Please report Street/Parking issues here.
Streetlights are maintained by BGE.  Please report streetlight issues (including outages and 'purple' lights) here.

No Solicitation
It is unfortunate that from time to time there are salespeople who come through Berrywood knocking on doors even though there are signs indicating that No Soliciting is permitted. The Annotated Code of Maryland requires all solicitors to be "registered" through the state and must carry an ID card with them. The County has a 311 app and website that can be used to notify and document the interaction. The other option is to notify the County Police if you believe that is warranted and needed.

Complaints regarding signs can be filed with the county zoning commission here. A Deed Restriction Violation may also be submitted; you can find the form here.

How can I check on the water quality in the Magothy River and surrounding waterways?
The data collected by the AACC is posted here in tables and on a map. Both Berrywood marina locations are included in the sampling and testing.
You can also download the SwimGuide app, which includes the Berrywood readings as well as readings throughout the Magothy River and Chesapeake Bay.