Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for the site?

BCA Members and Non-Resident BS&TC Members may register for our site here.  Please contact us to request a code if you do not have one. 


Will we be able to post information on this site?
We are gradually introducing features to the site that allow for more interaction and member contribution.  The first of these features is the Berrywood Calendar - you now have the ability to submit calendar events to be added to the Calendar!  Stay tuned for more updates.


How can I post something to the community calendar?
To submit a Calendar event, please click here.


How can I manage my Directory listing?
I have reset my password, but I am having trouble using the new password to log on.
Close your internet browser and reopen it. Try putting your username and password back into the correct fields.
I am moving to Berrywood.  How can I join the Berrywood Community Association and what are the costs?
  • To join the BCA, contact us here.
  • Membership is voluntary. However, current membership is required in order to join the BS&TC (Swim and Tennis Club), use the Marina, attend Berrywood events, or use the community amenities.
  • Dues are paid annually in February, and are pro-rated for those moving in after that. The dues for 2021 are $200, and are prorated as follows:
    Move-In Month   2021 Dues  
    February 2021 $ 200
    March 2021 $ 183
    April 2021 $ 167
    May 2021 $ 150
    June 2021 $ 133
    July 2021 $ 117
    August 2021 $ 100
    September 2021 $ 83
    October 2021 $ 67
    November 2021 $ 50
    December 2021 $ 33
    January 2021 $ 17
I am a Title Company/Real Estate Agent/Home Buyer/Home Seller and need information on Deed Restrictions/Dues/Financial Settlement.
  • Deed Restrictions can be found in the About Berrywood menu above.
  • Membership information and dues are outlined in the question above, as well as in the BCA By-Laws. To view the BCA By-Laws, you can find them in the About Berrywood menu above.
  • As membership is voluntary, the BCA and any dues paid/charged are not involved in financial settlement. We are unable to provide statements or complete settlement forms/paperwork.
No Solicitation
It is unfortunate that from time to time there are salespeople who come through Berrywood knocking on doors even though there are signs indicating that No Soliciting is permitted. The Annotated Code of Maryland requires all solicitors to be "registered" through the state and must carry an ID card with them. In case it happens again, the County has a 311 app and website that can be used to notify and document the interaction. The other option is to notify the County Police if you believe that is warranted and needed.